Easier Said Than Heard

by Reverence

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released June 4, 2013

Luke Garrigus (Black Room Studios)
Jerel Ramirez of IORI
Hayden French of Sail the Sky
Our moms for letting us drive



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Reverence Grapevine, Texas

Melodic Hardcore from Grapevine, Texas
Started in September of 2012, Reverence has grown to make a single, Dead Weight (11/27/12,) and release EP "Easier Said Than Heard" (06/05/13)
Formed by:
Daniel Goodwin (Tubs)
Tex Pillow (Guitars)
Zach Uselton (Guitars)
D.j. Karp (Spit)
Charles Knowles (Thicks)
All media recorded at Blackroom Studios
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Track Name: Departure
This is my refusal to acknowledge your resignation from all the things we shared. I want you to know that I still care, and every decision you make will be one without my input. It hurts to know that our friendship was solidified under false pretensions. Poetic, as the vultures you became eat you alive.
Track Name: Dead Weight ft. Hayden French of Sail the Sky
I am convinced that I will be permanently confined to this existence, consisting of watching the people I have come to know succeed. While I helplessly watch myself stagnate day by day. I have spent every moment of my life shaping myself to be the person I am today. I will stand back as their wings slowly decay. I will stand by as those possessions are torn from their greedy hands. Those that surround me have worked for nothing and gained everything in return. My efforts to stand above the rest are wasted. Walk the soil and realize that we are nothing. Open your eyes and realize that these things you own are worthless. While the others soar off of false entitlements, I will build an empire of my own accomplishments. I will ascend as the sun melts their “inheritances” I will build an empire of my own accomplishments. I will not allow myself to become dead weight like the rest. I will become the product of my own success.
Track Name: Champion of the Sun
Heave me efforts into the sea.
I will never be what I aspire to be.
Track Name: Common Collective ft. Jerel Ramirez of IORI
Four years of sacrifices expire. My Efforts are wasted upon the eyes that fill these empty spaces. I have given all that I have. The greatest return was walking away empty handed. Failure was the only thing keeping me from acceptance. I would rather cease to exist than adapt to this lifestyle of format. These people have become the very essence of everything they proclaim to hate. They shout anthems but their words fall from dead mouths. Validation has become the only thing they strive for. Clouded by delusions of grandeur. . This was supposed to be a place of sanctuary. A place we could seek refuge from the problems that plague us day to day. Slave to your appearance. Outcast among the outcasts.
Track Name: Division
Fear of failure has draped the shades over the last years of my life. I am living contently in the dark. How does it feel to never be the object of someone’s affection? I have gone through life feeling overshadowed. Fear has reduced me to nothing. My legs have collapsed. I can no longer live under the weight of fear. This crippling detachment from reality has opened up my eyes. Living should never be an excuse for excess. I have been overshadowed for too long. I have been outshouted for too long. Because life is Easier said than heard